“Let ME teach you!” May 11 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My delightful child, who has a teachable spirit,
I’m so delighted that you are teachable! When a person is set in their ways, believes they have Me all figured out, is confident that their “way” is right… and unwilling to consider anything different, they will always miss Me.
I can’t be put in a box! Mankind’s doctrines, theologies, dogmas and beliefs about Me are all woefully lacking.
Here’s what you can be absolutely sure of– let Me teach you: I am all good! There is nothing bad or evil about Me. I never repay evil with evil. I don’t punish. I don’t condemn. I don’t shame or guilt My children… and everyone is a child of Mine!
I am for you… and everyone. I’m never against anyone.
I am love. Not “love…but also ‘x’” – no! I am love. I cannot not love! Everything I think and do flows from My perfect, unfailing, unending unconditional love for you and everyone.
My grace, which is My love in action, has taken care of everything for you, and everyone, regarding your relationship with Me!
I want you, and everyone, to be teachable. I want to teach you that I am good, I am for you, I have taken care of our relationship and I am love. When you have that understanding as your foundation then you can, and must, give up anything you have believed about Me that contradicts My love, goodness and grace. Only then can you see and start to comprehend what I am continually revealing to you about Me.
Reject any teaching that contradicts My pure goodness, love and grace. Trust Me. Listen to Me. I love you!
~Love, Papa