“Leaving Lies” April 18 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most wonderfully blessed and highly favored child, who has moved from belief systems and belonging systems to the actual inner experience of Me,
You started out (as do most of My children) being involved in a belief system—a belonging system—the church. You learned about Me from the church. You learned that I am God, I am pure and holy.
You learned that I am all powerful, all-knowing and everywhere present. Those are all true. Unfortunately you were taught… and subsequently believed so many lies about Me that you were literally in the dark about the real Me – My true nature, and about yourself.
You were taught the lie that your sin is all I’m concerned with and that I critically watch you constantly and keep a record of all your sins and that somehow “the scales of justice” have to be balanced to even out your sins. All lies!
I took care of all your sin and everyone’s sin at the cross. I took it all away, forgave it, choose not to remember it or bring it up to you. Your sin is gone from Me completely. It has zero effect on our relationship. It is a non-issue and I want you to not be conscious of sin. I want you to have no sin-consciousness!
You learned from the church that I am love and I am good, which is true. But at the same time you were taught that My love, goodness, grace and favor are conditional. You were taught that you had to perform to the church’s standard or I would withdraw My love, goodness, grace and favor from you. All lies! There is no truth to them at all!
You were taught that I was good to “special” people, and you were also taught that that I had whole cities barbarically killed: men, women, children and babies. You knew that wasn’t “good” and so you believed that I wasn’t really good and that I could turn on you!
You were taught that if you didn’t confess each and every one of your sins, or if you never heard about Me or if you didn’t believe correctly, or if you weren’t baptized in “your” church, or if you decided not to believe what you were taught about Me, that when you physically died, I would supernaturally keep you alive forever so that I could punish you unmercifully forever in a burning hell… a place that I “designed specifically to punish such people.” All lies straight from the evil one! There is no truth in them.
But now you have moved from those beliefs and belonging systems to a real, true inner experience with Me where I took you out of the lies of darkness into the light of the Truth of My unconditional love, unmerited grace and unlimited acceptance and inclusion of everyone.
The light of My Truth has indeed set you free from the bondage and darkness of religious lies! I’m so happy for you!
~Love, Papa