Lavish, Lavish, LAVISH!!! February 15, Notes From Papa~

To My treasured child, on whom I love to continually lavish My love and grace,
Lavish!… I want you to focus on that word. Lavish… today in Our relationship. I have already lavished every spiritual blessing there is on you… already! You never need to ask or plead or beg or hope that you can somehow convince me to dole out a little here and there… give up those thoughts of lack! You already have every spiritual blessing there is… and they can all be summed up in One word: Jesus!
You have Me– Jesus! I choose to live in you and will never leave you. You have Me. I am your love, your joy, your peace, your patience, your kindness, your goodness, your faithfulness, your gentleness, your faith! In Me you live, move and have your very being!
I am Grace— Grace personified, and by My grace, you have everything– in abundance– for life. Real, abundant life and godly living. I live in you. I want to live as you and through you.
Grace is the face that I (love) wear when I come in contact with My children, and I am always in contact with you… all!
You need never worry that any perceived imperfection that you think you have will ever adversely affect Me… because of My grace, your perceived imperfections have no effect on Me!
I am mercy. I am your provision. I am your ever-present help in time of trouble and need.
My Holy Spirit of Christ lives in you. You are complete and you have the fullness of God in Christ in you.
Your life is hidden with Me in Christ. I have already forgiven all your sins (past, present and future) and made you pure, holy, innocent and fit for Me and right with Me and without fault. I have sealed you with My Holy Spirit. I have lavished every single spiritual gift there is on you already and I never withdraw My gifts!

Remember the miraculous catches of fish that I provided for My disciples. I gave them way more than they could eat. That was after they tried and couldn’t catch anything. Remember that I fed thousands of people with a handful of fish and a couple of loaves of bread… and there were huge baskets of leftovers! Remember that I turned water into the best wine ever… way more than could be enjoyed at the time.
In the same way, I have already lavished all My gifts on you. I want you to know that objective truth. Then you will never ask Me again for what I’ve already given you… you will just help yourself and enjoy.
Lavish. Lavish! Lavish!
~Love, Papa