Just Right for God! April 8 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most wonderful child, who is absolutely just right for Me,
My child, you are just right— perfect— for Me! I know that is true because I made you that way and I am perfect. I don’t make anything that’s less than perfect!
The Greek word that I had the writers of the New Testament use for your perfect, right relationship with Me also means “just.” I justified you and made you just right for Me at the cross!
Your sin… missing the mark of My perfection… kept you (so you thought) away from Me, separated from Me! That was never true… it is a lie from the evil one who steals, kills and destroys your experience of a totally right relationship with Me.
He can’t actually do that… but it seems like that to you in your mind when you listen to him. That happens with all mankind… all My children… My family. So at the cross, Jesus (as We planned before creation) took all the sin of the world (everyone, forever) on Him, into Him.
He became all the sin of the world and when He took your sin on Him, I gave you and everyone His right standing with Me… His righteousness! You became the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!
Your old sin-infested self died with Jesus on the cross and when I raised Him to new life, I raised you as a new creation. I gave you new birth from above… a new species that had never existed before… in Christ Jesus.
That new you that I made is forever perfectly right with Me. You… your new creation… is pure, innocent, without fault, a perfect fit for relationship with Me, set apart for Me and just right for Me. The old you is gone… passed away… never to come back. It does not exist anymore.
The new you is here… all this is of God, of Me. I left nothing to chance. I did it all. Your only part was to provide the sin that I took away and to kill Jesus at the cross. I did all this for you and for everyone who ever lived and ever will live! It’s all Me and My work.
I was in Jesus at the whole cross experience, reconciling you and all the world to Myself, not counting anyone’s sins against them. Everyone died with Jesus… in Jesus. When I raised Jesus from the dead, everyone rose to new life In Christ in Jesus!
Obviously, not everyone knows this. But you do! I just told you! Now, I have made you My ambassador and My minister of reconciliation. My grace has divinely enabled you to tell everyone My Good news for them.
We have done it all… We have reconciled all to Us. All they need to do to experience and enjoy the benefits of Our finished work is to believe! And We give them the faith to believe!
~Love, Papa