Journey of Discovery! November 27 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My amazing child, whom I carefully and lovingly created in My own image and likeness,
We are on a mutual journey of discovery. You are both discovering more and more of who I am, and at the same time, you are discovering who you really are: My Special Child, created in My image and likeness for My glory to live in, and through and as you! You can never know who you really are until you see who I really am! I am continually in the process of revealing Myself and yourself to you!
The real you (who I created anew at Jesus’s resurrection) is one with Us, fully alive… a new creation that is pure, holy, right with Us, innocent and without fault! The real you can only be known through the lens of being one with Us. That’s who you really are!
As you grasp this truth, you then experience and enjoy Our abundant life! You are only and ever fully alive when you realize, enjoy and experience Christ, who is your life!
Only through My eyes and ears can you see what a wonderful world it is that you are a part of. Only with My eyes, ears and mind can you see how you, We and everyone are connected and how beautiful My creation (My world) really is!
Enjoy this day that I have made for us together!
~Love, Papa

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