Jesus Knows Love!!! March 19 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very special child, who needs My touch today,
I know that there are times (and days) when you especially need My loving, healing touch because you’re hurting. On these days, at those times, I want you to treat that pain as a gift, because it will nudge or even propel you to a greater awareness of Me, My love for you and delight in you.
Never believe the deceiver’s lie that pain (whether physical or emotional) is punishment from Me. That’s a lie! Only good comes from Me. Anything bad is not from Me. It may be because of another person’s poor choices… or even from your poor choices. It may be just because you live in a fallen world. But it’s never from Me!
However, it’s in your pain and weaknesses that I am strong. It’s there in the midst of hurt that I reveal to you how good I really am. I may not take the pain away, but I experience it with you and in you.
I am uniquely able to comfort you, calm you, assuage your fears, soothe your hurts and even heal you physically.
I, Christ in you, experienced everything on earth that you will ever experience: rejection, ridicule, abandonment, derision, being misunderstood… and that was from not only those who didn’t know Me, but also from My closest friends and My family. Almost all of them questioned Me and abandoned Me at one time or another.
One of My three closest friends, Peter, even betrayed Me at the time of My greatest human need. Some of My closest family members and friends died. And, of course, the very people that I love and came to seek and save brutally tortured and killed Me.
I know pain and rejection. And I know love! The relationship We have had for all eternity— Father, Son and Spirit— remained ever solid through it all. Love, Our love, never fails. I remind you of that often because the same is always true for you! We live in you and We will never leave you, never forsake you, never abandon you, never reject you, never condemn you. We always love, affirm, accept and encourage you!
When you need it, We comfort you. We also always heal you. We heal you on Our timing which is always best and may be now, soon, later or even in the life-after. But you can take comfort in knowing that not only will you ultimately be totally healed physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, but also that We use even (especially) your pains to bring you and others closer to Us.
We are here with you and in you. We love you and are for you!
~Love, Papa