January 6 Notes From Papa~

To My delightful child, whom I have made perfect in every way in My economy,
You tend to focus on your supposed flaws– physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and behavior/character. I call that having a “sin-consciousness.” I do not want you to ever have a sin-consciousness!
Religion focuses on sin and behavior management because it believes the lies that you are all sinful; you displease Me; sin has separated you from Me; and you must work at managing your behavior in ways that will then please Me in order to cause Me to bless you.
Every one of those are lies! First of all, I took all the sin of the world away, forgave it all, don’t hold any of it against you, choose not to remember it and will never bring it up to you. How much clearer can I make that? You are not sinful, you are sanctified (made pure, holy, innocent, without fault and right with Me.) I know that because I did all that!
Your sin does not displease Me! Of course, I am saddened when the actions of any of My children hurt themselves and others, but never mistake that for Me being displeased with you.
You have never been separated from Me. I put you in Christ before creation and Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I have always been in you. There is nowhere you can go that I’m not there in you and with you.
You don’t have to work on or change anything to please Me or get Me to bless you. I am already pleased with you and I bless you because I am love and I am good, not because you do anything!
Once you know the truth about Me and you, and the better you get to know what I am really like, I will change your “want to’s” and you will find yourself wanting to live differently than you did before. Then you will enjoy and experience the abundant life I have given you more and more every day!
Sin is not a terrible crime. It is a terminal disease that I cured in Jesus’ finished work at the cross. I am the Great Physician, not the Terrible Judge!
~Love, Papa