January 5 Notes From Papa

To My highly successful child, whom I’m so proud of,

I have a totally different view and concept of success than you, and most of My children, have!
You tend to view success as what you have accomplished in the areas of education, finance, relationships, sports, the arts and business. I want you to do well in every area of your life and I have given you My grace, in advance, to enable you to become all that I have planned for you to be. My grace brings about success in every area of your life.
Enjoyable as it is, that type of success pales in contrast to Jesus’s success! Jesus was totally and completely successful in His finished work at the cross!
It’s imperative that you know Jesus was completely successful! He came to seek and save the lost… and He did! We’re not willing that anyone perish… it’s Our will that everyone have eternal life with us… Jesus accomplished that! We hate sin, death and evil. Jesus defeated them all and took away the sin of the world! We forgave it all! Jesus was totally successful!
I so loved the entire world that I sent Jesus to save you all… save you from sin, death and the destruction that you were bringing on yourselves. Jesus did that! He is the savior of the world… of everyone! Jesus was and is successful.
Jesus came to reveal Me to everyone… and He did… and He continues to!
Jesus was completely and totally successful in Our big picture plan of the restoration of all things! I know each of you want to do your part… but you have no part! It’s all Jesus! The only thing you did was to judge, condemn, crucify and kill Jesus. You (collectively) did that. And We used that to bring about the successful completion of Jesus’s finished work at the cross!
Think about, revel in, bask in, experience and enjoy the fruits of Jesus labor. He did it all for you because We love you and We would rather die than live without you (so He did!).
~Love, Papa