January 4 Notes From Papa

To My precious, beautiful child, whom I love unconditionally and totally,
Faith is absolutely necessary for you in Our relationship. Faith is seeing what really is in the unseen and eternal realm.
Now, I want you to know the truth about faith! So many people believe the lie of religion that it’s up to them to work up faith. That’s a lie straight from the pit of religious hell.
I always supply and provide what I require! Sear that in your memory!
I require faith for Our relationship and it’s impossible to please Me without faith… So, I have already provided all the faith you will ever need— the faith of Jesus!
You have and you can live by the faith of Jesus… who loves you and gave Himself up for you. There is only one faith— Jesus’s faith!
There’s no possible way you could ever come up with faith to believe the right things about Me or anything or anyone else! At best, your human faith is subject to situations, circumstances, well-meaning but misled teachers and whispers from the deceiver/accuser.
That’s why I have given you the one faith– Jesus’s faith! Whatever faith you could conjure up about Me would always be deficient… I knew that before creation. That’s why I have given you the only One Faith of Jesus– who lives in you!
Only Jesus’s faith– what He believes about Me and about you and everyone– only Jesus’s faith matters! You are to live from His Faith to your faith! Believe what He believes about Me, you and everyone. That’s it! I made it very simple. Get to know Jesus better and better every day and believe His divine promises that I have already given you everything necessary for life and godliness. Take sides with Jesus. Believe Him. Live by His Faith!
~Love, Papa