January 2 Notes From Papa

To My delightful offspring, whom I delight over and in continually,
I want to dispel what is one of the worst lies ever about Me. That’s the lie that I chose, in advance, prior to creation, to elect some few special elite people to be saved and spend eternity with Me in pure bliss… and at the same time I elected most people to be damned, without any choice in the matter, and thus to spend eternity in pure torture by Me.
There is no worse misrepresentation of Me and My character than that lie!
That lie comes straight from the pit of evil. Only the evil one and those whom he influences through religion believe that lie.
I am pure unconditional love that always does best for you and every one of My children– and everyone is My child. I chose everyone before creation to be in Christ and to spend all eternity with Me. I never created any eternal torture chamber for anyone. That is a total perversion of Me. Non-religious people instantly see the fallacy of that belief. Only religious people, and only those who have believed the lie that they are one of the few elect, believe this lie. Have nothing to do with it!
Believing that lie leads to pride of the worst kind, exclusion of the worst kind, the worst kind of perversion of Me and My character, and keeps people imprisoned in the very darkness that Jesus came to free you from.
There is only one elect: Jesus Christ. I elected Him to be the Savior of the World and I included everyone in Jesus Christ. Jesus is in all, through all and for all. That’s Our Good News. Believe it. Trust Me!
~Love, Papa