January 1 Notes From Papa

To My most special child, in whom I so delight,
I want you to absolutely know us– Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Me. To truly know Us and relate to Us with no fear and no reservations and no inhibitions, you must know what really is!
Here’s what really is:

  • Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I have always existed in Our Divine Triune Circle Dance of love, joy, peace and everything good. We are love, and love gives and includes. Love never excludes!
  • Before creation We conceived, We dreamed up every person who would ever be born and all of creation… everything! Our plan and will was, and is, to include everyone and everything in Christ… in Our Divine Triune circle dance.
  • We decided to create beings in Our own image and likeness with Our DNA– beings with whom We can fully love and relate to.
  • We knew in advance what would happen with Our creation. We knew that sin would cause spiritual and physical death. Death is the opposite of Us. We are life! We knew this would result in all people having darkened minds and their not being able to see the truth about themselves and the truth about Us.
  • We knew all of that before creating anything, and We had a plan before creation to remedy and restore everything! Our plan is Jesus- who is grace personified!
  • Grace is the means that We used to restore everything to Us. Jesus came to earth at just the right time… fully God and fully human. And He succeeded in Our mission! He took care of everything in His finished work at the cross… once for all creation!
  • Jesus defeated, set aside, made obsolete and abolished the law that condemned humanity. He defeated, killed and destroyed sin, evil and death.
  • I forgave everyone’s sin, (past, present and future.) I took it away, I don’t count it against anyone or impute it to anyone, I choose not to remember it or bring it up to anyone. Sin is not an issue with Us.
  • You all died with Jesus, were buried with Jesus and rose to new life in Christ, being born from above with Jesus, in Jesus and as Jesus: pure, holy, innocent, right with Us, without fault, fully accepted and included in Christ.
  • At the day of Pentecost, Our Holy Spirit was poured out on all people and took up residence in all people! Adam’s race died and was done away with. Only Our New Creation exists now!

    We are now revealing to you and everyone what is– what is already true. This is truly good news for everyone! Eternal life in knowing Us… Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I… knowing Us now and forever.
    When a person doesn’t know Us, they perish… they stumble all over themselves in the darkness of their own minds. Our will is that no one continue to perish and instead that everyone has eternal life… knowing Us! We will achieve Our will!

When a person knows what is, when they know Us… then they experience the eternal life that they already have! What has always been objectively true for and about them also becomes subjectively true for them.
Our love never fails and you can never be separated from Our love. No one can ever be separated from Us and Our love. Separation is a lie.
In this life and in the life after, Our white-hot consuming fiery love for you all is continually burning away the darkness and the lies that each of you have believed. Our love never fails… it is ultimately successful!
At times during this process, it may be emotionally and mentally painful when people experience Our white-hot burning and consuming love for them exposing, burning up and taking away the darkness and lies that they have believed about themselves.

This process can seem like punishment, but it’s not… it is restorative love in action. It can seem like “hell,” but it’s not. It is love doing its necessary restorative work. At some point each person will have all their lies and darkness burned away and all there is left for them to see and believe is what really is… Us, and Our white-hot unconditional love for them and all people.
During this process, people can experience Our love for what it really is. That’s “heaven.” Or, as long as a person continues to resist and hang on to their darkness induced lies, they will experience the exact same process as “hell” and will perceive it as punishment.
Whichever way a person experiences Our restorative, purifying process, they will experience it in Our presence. We are never separate from anyone!
Eventually everyone will ultimately see what really is– love… not punishment.
One day everyone will ultimately see what is… and what always has been and always will be: Our pure, white-hot, unconditional love for everyone that never fails!
For now, you have the Faith of Jesus that all this is true! For now, you have the certain hope that this is what really is.
One day you will no longer need faith or hope because all there will be left is Our love… the greatest of all! We are love and you are the eternal object, focus and recipient of Our love.
We are totally for you!
~Love, Papa