Introduction to Grace I Am

Welcome to the Grace I Am series!  Each week day I’ll post inspirational words that help us believe and experience the myriad of things God believes about us!  Each message comes from a page in my newest book “Grace To All” available at and Amazon. All proceeds go to help single parents and their children!

The purpose of each of these blogs to help you know, experience, and internalize the truth of what The Creator of the Universe says is true about you.

To start with…it’s ALL Good! It’s ALL Good now and it’s ALL Good forever! 

This process will require an open mind, heart, and spirit because virtually everyone has a false concept of what God thinks about them.  We have false concepts about what scripture words actually mean…that alone has distorted and perverted all the Really Good things The Creator says is true about you.

The scripture word translated as “confess” doesn’t bring to mind a positive experience, does it? IT SHOULD! The actual word means “To agree with, to say the same thing as.” 

The Only True God, Jesus, Papa, and Grace want us to let go of our false concepts about ourselves (and other people) and instead embrace, believe, and live from the truth of who we truly are!

While all the Grace I AMs you’re going to read about come from scripture, I’m purposely not giving you the scripture references. The reason is because when most of us start to see them, our spirit goes “Yes!” – but our mind says, “show me where that is in the bible.” Then we read a version that may be poorly translated; we remember what someone else with an agenda said that verse “clearly means,” and/or we read the footnotes or commentary that give us what someone else with an agenda thinks it means.

I want you to listen to the Teacher within you—The Spirit of Grace and Truth—the Mind of Christ. Call the Teacher whatever you’d like, and ask “Is this true? Is God really this good? Am I really who God says I am here?”

Then listen.

You will come to recognize the Teacher’s Voice! Your spirit will resonate with The Spirit in you! The Spirit of Christ will confirm to your spirit the stunning truths about you! Then…agree! Take sides with your Creator and begin to really live!  

The Grace I AM’S are here specifically to help anyone who’s ever experienced mountains of human obstacles: hard times, troubles, rejection, fear, hurtful words, anxiety, anger, mild or severe depression, or living seemingly without hope. In other words, most everyone!

Of course, we don’t ignore negative situations and circumstances, but it’s never helpful to dwell on, repeat or catastrophize our negative situations. Words have great power! Every time we speak about our negative situation – we experience it again! Our goal is to not only change our minds, but also our words…especially our self-talk!

So, to all our human obstacles, we say…and apply Grace…Grace to it! Thank God this is a proven, powerful way to change…first our mindset, then our words, then our situation.

Perhaps the most amazing and impactful Grace truth you will ever grasp comes from this statement by Jesus’ closest friend…John…who knew Jesus better than anyone:

“So now, with us awakening to our full inclusion in this love union, everything is perfect! Its completeness is not compromised in contradiction. Our confident conversation echoes this fellowship even in the face of crisis; because, as Jesus is, so are we in this world – our lives are mirrored in him. We are as blameless in this life as Jesus is! This perfect love union is the source of our confidence.”

As you come to know and believe the love that God/Grace has unveiled within you, you awaken to your full inclusion of your love union…where everything is perfect!

What happens to you, what goes on around you, your circumstances and situation may not seem perfect—but within you—in your Secret Place – you ARE perfect, just like Jesus, the Son of God…God Himself!

Take a few minutes in your secret place with your primary Teammates, Jesus, Papa, and Grace, and say (out loud if you can) several times slowly, “I Am Just Like Jesus Is!”

I hope you’ve found this helpful! Each of short these daily messages come from a page in my new book Grace to ALL which is available at the link posted in the show notes. All the proceeds go to help single parents & their families.

Soon you’ll be able to say with confident assurance “BY GRACE I AM!”