In Time of Need April 1 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray!

To My most wonderful child, who really needs Me today,
I am with you always. I especially want you to know that, and to sense and be aware of Me and My presence when you are down.
You know from Jesus’ words that you will have trouble in this world. You know that the enemy continuously works at stealing, killing and destroying your joy, confidence and assurance. But, most importantly you know Me!
You know that I am not only with you, I am in you and you are in Me! I am closer than the very air you breathe. I am for you and I am continually protecting you and working all things for the good… your good!
So, even when you feel like you have failed… when you feel like you tried, but your effort wasn’t good enough… when you feel like you wasted a whole day doing something unproductive… I want you to know that is not the case. Those are all lies from the enemy… the deceiver.
I take everything you do and use it for the good. You don’t have the infinite capacity to see how I have already taken what you falsely believe to be wasted, non-productive failed time or effort and used it for your infinite good.
And I even use what you consider “failed effort” for the good of others! I want you to believe Me, trust Me and know that I am in you. I am leading you. I am helping you. I am continually speaking to you. Trust Me that even though you can’t see it yet, I am on top of everything, I am good and I am for you. I have overcome the world. I am Peace. I am your peace. I have given you My peace!
You have the Holy Spirit of Christ living in you. The fruit of My Spirit that I gave you and I produce in you includes peace. Along with My love and joy, My peace comforts, nourishes, sustains and empowers you in times that you perceive to be trouble.
Without Me you would have reason to be down and depressed. But… you are never without Me! I am always in you, with you and for you.
Thank you for listening to Me, trusting Me, believing Me and following Me… especially today when you need Me the most! I love it and I am very pleased when you take My faith that I have given you and you embrace Me and My promises and when you listen and take heed to My Living Word!
Now, today, let’s rejoice together and enjoy this day that I have made for you and I together!
~Love, Papa