“I’m not going to TAKE it anymore!”

Day #15  “One Another” December 15, 2017

 “I’m not going to TAKE it anymore!”

 Many of us have said that in regard to something someone else is doing to us…some wrong or offense done to us. Most of us have a breaking point where we just say “No more…I can’t TAKE it!”

 As usual, Jesus has a different TAKE on things than the world (society) has.

 Jesus does tell us to “Not TAKE it anymore,” but true to His nature (love), what He means is to not TAKE the offense!

 See, when someone says something that could hurt us, or when they do something that does hurt us, or when they offend us (once again!) or when they are insensitive and disrespectful, we have a choice:  We  can TAKE that offense…or NOT!

 We literally don’t have to take it anymore! Check this out —

 Be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. Be patient (longsuffering), bearing with one another in love. Be gentle and ready to forgive; never hold grudges. Don’t take an offense. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others. (Eph. 4: 2, Col. 3: 13)

 We can make allowance for each other’s faults IN ADVANCE!  We can decide, with the Holy Spirit’s power, to not take an offense, to realize other people are flawed just like us and to let any offenses or hurts or disrespect that comes our way…go. Just let it go. Don’t TAKE it!

 You know who it hurts when we do TAKE it, don’t you? US!!!  Bitterness and unforgiveness is the poison we TAKE hoping it will kill the offender. But it doesn’t…it just poisons us.

 There’s a lot of great counsel in these two verses. Be humble and gentle.  That’s always good!

 Be patient (longsuffering) with each other, making allowance for faults in advance.  That really helps!   

 Be ready to forgive…actually forgive in advance!  What a cool thing that is!  That’s what God did with all of us!!!

 Don’t TAKE an offense. Wow…I can just leave it and not think about it, not dwell on it, not harbor resentment and bitterness and forgiveness?  I don’t have to feel bad and miserable?  I can stay joyful…even when someone wrongs me? Yep! 

That’s called Grace: Unconditional Love in perpetual action always working out everything for the good of everyone! 

Grow in Grace, My Friends!  ~Paul Gray

P.S.  I’m not referring to physical abuse here. Jesus certainly doesn’t want us to continue in that. In that kind of situation, removing yourself from the other person is the best way to “not TAKE it anymore.” Then get help and ask the Holy Spirit of Christ to live through you and as you. Remember “If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live in peace with one another.” Romans 12:18