I Will Do What You Can Not Do! January 18 Notes From Papa~

To My very wonderful and very special child, whom I’m madly in love with,
I will do what you cannot do! I want you to absolutely and confidently know that I will do what you cannot do! I have given you a special, unique set of talents, gifts and abilities and I have placed desires in your heart… desires to do great things.
The enemy-deceiver-liar whispers constantly to you that you will never do these things. He tells My children, “You’re too young… You’re too old… You don’t have the experience… You don’t have the education… You’re over-qualified… It will never happen.” All these are variations of, “You can’t do it!” That’s why I so much want you to confidently know that I will do what you cannot do!
I have already given you all the grace that you need to let Me accomplish what I want in, as, and through you! You know that for what I have called you to do, things will have to happen that are totally out of your control.
You also remember the times past when you were in similar situations that those impossible things did happen… without any involvement from you! You now know that was Me doing what you could not do! So now, today, with where you are in life right now, with what’s going on in your life, with the desires I have placed in your heart for things that I want you to do, experience and enjoy: Believe Me! Trust Me! Count on Me!
Do what I ask you to do each day and each moment and then count on Me to do what you cannot do. Here’s where the rubber really hits the road with Jesus’s faith that We have given you. He is the author and perfecter of faith. There is only one faith— His!
Believe His faith. Take sides with Us. Believe Us. Relax and rest in Us and be confident that We are doing what you can’t do. Right now, and always, We are working all things together for the good. We are orchestrating things that will come about at exactly the right time for what you need for what We have called you to do.
When things don’t happen on your timetable or exactly the way you hoped they would, We have given you Our grace to rest, relax and trust Us that We are in control. We are truly doing what you cannot do and We are doing it for you because We are so for you!
~Love, Papa