I Love It! February 1 Notes From Papa~

To My dear child, whom I love to be with and love to bless,
I love it when you come to Me with faith like a little child! I’m so pleased when you’re not afraid of Me and you have no inhibitions about being with Me and you eagerly and joyfully approach Me!
I delight as I sense that you know I’m really for you and never against you! I am love and grace and it thrills My heart for you to experience My love and grace and for you to know there’s always a river of love and grace flowing from Me to and through you!
I’m so pleased that you have confidence to come to Me, to My throne of grace which, of course, is always in you!
I love it when you find, receive, experience and enjoy all the mercy and grace you need for whatever time of need you’re going through. You may not have always felt that from your earthly father— but you always can from Me, your heavenly Father. Conversely, I’m sad when you need Me and what I freely offer and lavish on you… but you don’t come to Me because of fear, shame, condemnation or doubt. None of those come from Me!
I have done literally everything to remove any reason for you to ever fear, doubt Me or feel any shame or condemnation from Me. There is no fear in My perfect love. There is no shame or condemnation ever from Me!
As you believe Me more and more, you will feel more and more free to confidently come to Me any and all times. That makes your Papa’s heart sing with delight.
I hope you can sense and feel My loving smile over you right now and always.
~Love, Papa