I am for you in every way! April 5 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very special child, who I am for in every way, I want you to start out this day, and continue all through the day, remembering, meditating on and thanking Me that I am for you! I am for you enjoying the very closest relationship possible with Me. So I took care of that in advance and created you in Me and Me in you! I am for you resting with no worries, no angst, no doubts… all day. So I tell you: don’t worry, trust Me in everything! I am for things going well for you today. So believe Me, trust Me, expect things to go well …even… especially the little things. I am for you having confidence all day in who you truly are, so I remind you now that you are My dearly loved, highly treasured and greatly favored child! You are… because I made you and because I declare it so… you are pure, holy, innocent, without fault and set apart for Me. You are purified, glorified and sanctified. All that is true… I declare it! I am so for you that I did all that for you! I am for you having all you need today. I have already provided, in advance, all the air you need, all the food and water you need, all the clothes you need, all the transportation you need, all the shelter you need. I am for you having all the spiritual nourishment and encouragement that you need, [C1] so I have provided My Holy Spirit in you to reveal to you what I want you to know about Me and you! I have provided Scripture for you. I have provided encouraging books by other children of Mine. I am for you being encouraged today! I have provided and orchestrated phone calls, emails, texts, personal interactions with other children of Mine that will be encouraging, affirming, uplifting and that will build you up and minister My grace to you! I am for you experiencing and enjoying My unconditional love, My unearned and unmerited grace and My unlimited reconciliation, acceptance and inclusion, so I have provided a myriad of ways for you to see and be reminded of them! I am for you enjoying, being thrilled and uplifted by My art, My beauty, My music, and My nature… so I have provided and orchestrated in advance opportunities for your heart and soul to be touched in ways that will amaze and thrill you! I am for you experiencing the satisfaction of a job well done, so I am providing wonderful opportunities for you to use the talents, abilities, gifts and resources that I have given you in meaningful ways. I am so for you in any, every and all things today and every day. Now enjoy our life together! ~Love, Papa