He’s Responsible for the Results! January 13 Notes From Papa~

To My child, whom I’m so proud of… always,
At times when you’re thinking about an upcoming, potentially confrontational meeting with someone, you tend to fear the worst. You question if you will remember the right things to support your position. You have doubts that you won’t be able to think quickly. You worry that you won’t be able to express yourself clearly. You are concerned that you won’t be strong and that you’ll give in to what you believe is wrong because you won’t be able to stand up to someone else’s skills, knowledge and power. You fear they won’t like you if you disagree with them.
I’m not condemning or criticizing you for that. I’m aware of how you feel and know that the enemy uses those feelings to condemn you. Any condemnation you ever feel comes from him… not Me! I am infinitely stronger than your feelings and infinitely stronger than he who is in the world!
When you focus on those feelings of doubt, fear, lack and worry, you leave Me out of the picture and dwell totally on yourself and your perceived lack and insufficiency.
Here’s what I want you to do— bring everything to Me first! Ask Me what I’m thinking about the situation and then listen to Me. I will tell you if your position on the situation is My position… and if it is, I will tell you what to do. If I show you that I feel differently about the situation, I’ll show you My way and we’ll go from there. If you are believing correctly, then I will show you how to prepare for the meeting. I will remind you of the important points. I will be with you and if you let Me, I will empower you and speak through you and show you what’s going on with the other person. Then with and in love for each of you, because I am for you both, I will present the truth clearly. Then I am responsible for the results. The other person may resist and not see the truth, but you can rest in Me and trust Me and be confident that I am working all things for the good!
~Love, Papa