Gut Check! December 18 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

Gut Check! December 18 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My child, whom I love unconditionally and forever,

   You have believed the lie from the deceiver that there is a time limit on My love, grace and favor. He has told you that if a person dies physically, then My love, grace and favor is no longer available to them.

   Other people believe that I grant one more chance after death and then that’s it. When people think that way, I ask them to honestly assess their heart and their motives and ask themselves why they believe there is ever any limit on My love, grace and favor. Why would I ever have a cut-off date? Why do you feel that it’s necessary for Me to put a time limit on My love?

   My love is unconditional and there are no limits to My love, period! “Limits” are a human construct. It’s “theodicy” … whereby people project on Me what they would do if they were Me. But I am so much better than anyone can ever imagine, believe comprehend or ask… really!

   Picture yourself as a father or mother… if your child never believed in Me, never “received” Me in this physical life and they died, would you want Me to continue to love them, continue to offer My love, grace and favor to them, or would you want Me to arbitrarily have a cut off at some point because you “thought’ that would be the “right” thing for Me to do?

   Ask yourself, why would you want that? Consider this: are you more loving than I am? If you would ever not want your own child to be able to experience and enjoy My love and relationship because you “thought” they no longer deserved it because they “had their chance” and didn’t take advantage of it… then I’m telling you that you don’t know Me and My love. You have a false concept of Me.

   What is your motive for not wanting your own child (or anyone else) to ever be cut off from My love?

   Instead of believing what religious leaders have told you and then going and looking for “proof texts” and factoring in your understanding of right and wrong, instead of that, come to Me… your Savior. Come to Me. I am love. Ask Me and I will tell you that I am love and My love will never fail.

   This is a real gut check for each individual to honestly assess their motives: why would you want to put a limit on My love? If you find yourself thinking that they deserve to be cut off at some point, ask yourself what do you deserve? Why? If you think that you “deserve” salvation and heaven because you did “x” at a “certain time,”… then quit calling Jesus your savior, because you believe you are responsible for your salvation.

   I want you to see how good I am, how I am always for you and everyone and how there is not any limit on My love ever. Time means nothing to Me. You, and all My children, mean everything to Me!

~Love, Papa

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