Great Choice! December 26 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

Great Choice! December 26 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray.

To My most cherished child, who I am especially fond of,
I want you to know about a choice that I made before creation. It is a choice that has served Me… and you wonderfully well. It’s a choice that I’d like you to make as well.
I chose before I ever created you, to never keep a list of your wrong-doing… your “sins.” It’s amazing that so many people have believed the lie from the evil one that I would do just the opposite!
Most people have a deeply held belief that I am a stern judge who is constantly watching and recording every single thing that they do that is “wrong.” That false idea came straight from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
I have never kept a list of your wrongs and I never will. I am love and everything I do, think and say flows from My pure agape love that always does what is best for you.
I am the expert on love. Let Me assure you that love keeps no record of wrongs. That’s the most un-loving thing you can do! When you keep a record of wrongs, you set yourself up as judge… you determine what is right or wrong for the other person. You do this, as the evil one does, to control the other person, to hold them hostage to your control.
When you point out to someone what they did in the past that hurt or offended you, they have no recourse, no defense. The result is shame, condemnation, guilt and fear… which you use to control them. None of these have anything to do with love!
Bringing up the past offenses with another person, especially with condemning words like “you always,” “you never” or “you should have known better” are accusations that imply “something is wrong with you,” “you’re bad, you’re not good… enough.” These accusations never come from Me. I am love. I only encourage, affirm and build you up.
When mankind didn’t want the loving relationship I offered and instead told Moses to just find out what I wanted them to do and said, “We will do that,” I gave them the law to show them that they could never gain or maintain My love and favor by keeping rules.
The law, which has no power to help, only points out failure to keep it. The only list there has ever been of your shortcomings came from the law and the only place it was kept was in the mind of the evil one… who continually reminds you of it.
I took that “list” and nailed it to the cross. It’s gone! Forever! Love chooses not to take an offense, not to keep a record of it, to forgive it and not hold it against you.
That’s how I always relate to you. Your life will go well and you, your friends and loved ones will experience My joy when you make the same choice with all others!
~Love, Papa

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