Good News! Not Abhorrent After All! January 8 Notes From Papa

To My child, whom I delight in being your Father,
Many ‘Christians’ refer to Me as ‘Father’ and pray to Me as ‘Father’ and even name a prayer The ‘Our Father’… yet at the same time, they believe in their darkened minds that I am the most despicable and heinous example of a father that they can imagine.
This dualistic  thinking keeps many people from ever knowing who I really am and ever trusting Me or being close to Me… let alone loving Me.
Unfortunately, religion has been deceived and believed and taught that I am a father who would create the vast majority of His children, deciding in advance that they would go to ‘hell’ and spend eternity being supernaturally kept alive just so that they would continually be tortured… by Me… in excruciating pain because they ‘never got it right with Me.’
Non-religious people see the absurdity of that grotesque thinking, but most ‘Christians’ even get angry if they are told there is no hell and that I love and have included everyone.
What kind of father would even create such a torture chamber to begin with? What kind of father would ever set up impossible-to-keep rules about every minute aspect of life and decide in advance to torture forever his children if they broke even one of them?
Of course religion has come up with a myriad of ‘ways’ to appease such a monster-father: begging for forgiveness; ‘asking Jesus to come in to their hearts;’ taking a confirmation class and being confirmed; being genuinely contrite; being baptized (the ‘correct’ way, of course); saying the right prayer the right way (all claiming their that way is the only ‘right and effective” way). And they also claim that if a poor soul never hears about their ‘right way,’ that “I” have to condemn, damn, and punish them forever. Even worse, they claim that I came up with a way to save them… by abandoning My own Son, pouring out My ‘wrath and anger’ on Him, torturing Him and killing Him in order to ‘satisfy’ my immense anger because My other children broke My rules. All those are lies.
All that grotesque horror-story thinking makes Me out to be the kind of terrible father that no sane person would ever want for their father… let alone trust and love.
The truth is that I am love. I am good. I am for all My children. I have always included everyone. Everyone is in My family. Who else’s family would they be in? Who else would be their father?
I don’t do exclusion or separation ever. There is no ‘hell’ as people have imagined it. I created everyone in Christ. Christ is in all, for all and through all. Christ, the Holy Spirit and I are all one and have never been separated.
Your believing lies has darkened your minds and you have believed lies about Me and yourselves. You have also believed that I am somehow limited by time… that if one of My children doesn’t believe or ‘do the right thing’ with Me before they die in their earth life, that I arbitrarily set that as the ‘cut-off date’ for My unconditional love and instead, consign them to eternal torture to pay for the not ‘doing the right thing’ during their short life on earth.
If any earthly father treated their children like religion falsely believes I treat My children, that earthly father would be condemned, vilified, despised and held up as the worst ever example of a father. Yet religious people say out of one side of their mouth that such a father is ‘good, loving, merciful and worthy of love and admiration.’
It’s not hard to see why the masses aren’t buying this horribly grotesque caricature of Me. Only the pridefully deceived who believe god loves and favors them over others, believe in such a dastardly depiction of god.
But you, My child, are no longer deceived by that darkened description of god. You know the truth that I really am all good, My love is unconditional for all, I have included all (everyone), and everyone is in My family!
All died with Jesus, all were buried with Jesus, I raised all with Jesus to eternal life as new creations who are pure, holy, innocent, without fault and right with Me… their real heavenly Father, who loves all My children equally, regardless of their human ‘sin’ or ‘wrong beliefs.’
I have already reconciled all (everyone) to Me and I have taken away all sin, forgiven it and don’t hold it against anyone. I have given everyone Christ’s righteousness. Jesus is the Savior of everyone. I’m so glad that you know and believe in Me, and no longer are confused and afraid of the fictional god of your old darkened imagination!
~Love, Papa