God’s Not Needy! April 27 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To my wonderful child, whom I’m so very proud of,
Do you ever wonder what it is I need for you to do for Me? Wonder no more! Nothing!
I have no needs and whatever I want to happen, I can just think… and it happens! Please never feel like you need to be “doing something for God or it won’t get done” … because you don’t! The truth is that you get to partner with Me in what I’m doing– not because I need you, but as a gift of grace from Me so that we can be together and you can enjoy Our life. You experience Our joy as together we love, serve, help, comfort and affirm others.
As you come to know more and more that it’s Me who is empowering you, leading you, guiding you and showing you what to say and do— you will experience My joy, peace, delight and come to know Me even better and better!
I want you to eagerly and excitedly anticipate and look forward each day to what I have planned for us together– not as you “doing for” or “working for” Me, but for us as friends and partners to enjoy and celebrate together with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
Yes, you are My dearly-loved child whom I’m so very proud of, but you are also Our friend! We chose you in advance and created you with great attention to detail, had you born at just the right time, sought you out, saved you from self-destruction and brought you into Our family and made you Our friend and made you one with Us!
We are so for you! Let’s enjoy this wonderful day that We have made for you, shall We?
~Love, Papa