God’s Love for You Never Changes!!! May 18 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special, very wonderful child, who I always and continuously love,
I want you to know, My child, that My love for you never ever changes! You know that My love for you is total, complete and without any conditions ever. Nothing can ever change My total white-hot love for you. Nothing! Your actions and behavior have absolutely no effect on My love for you… or anyone. You tend to judge Me by how you and other humans act. When someone mistreats you, rejects you, harms you, lies about you, slanders you, ignores you or abandons you… your love for them can die out, grow cold and even stop.
You tend to think that I am that way and tar my face with the darkness of human weakness. But I’m not like that! My pure, agape love for you, and everyone, is unchangeable, unquenchable, unrelenting and unfailing! My love never fails!
You tend to think (because of the enemy’s lies) that when you don’t meet certain self-imposed or religion-imposed expectations, that I am disappointed with you and that My love for you wanes. Never!
When you miss doing a religious task, the deceiver whispers to you that you have caused My love for you to diminish or stop. There’s not an ounce of truth to those lies.
When you lose your temper and angrily shout at a someone, the deceiver whispers, “See… you did it again. God’s not pleased with you. He doesn’t love you now.” Those are lies! Do not entertain them at all. Rebuke the evil one. Call him out and state the truth to him. Just say, “You lie, Satan. My Papa loves me unconditionally, completely and totally and His love never fails. Nothing can ever separate me from His love which is higher, wider, deeper and longer than I can even imagine.”
Remind yourself often of My never-ending, never-ceasing love for you… and everyone. Don’t stop there! I want you to love others…especially hard-to-love people. I want you to love them as I love you!
I will do that as you and through you. Come to Me. Bask in My love for you and everyone. Remember My unchanging, unconditional love for you and everyone. Let Me love others as you and through you, and enjoy our love-life together!
~Love, Papa