“God’s Greatest Desire” April 17 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray ~

To My very own child, whom I made in My own image and likeness because of My very great love for you,
My greatest desire… and what will benefit you— and Me— most of all, is for you to know Me… really know Me! I am constantly revealing Myself to you. I’m not revealing concepts or doctrines or principles.
I am revealing My very self to you! That’s the highest, greatest, most valuable and wonderful thing that I have to give you… Myself! As you experience Me, enjoy Me and come to know Me better and better, you become assured of what I am really like at the core of My being.
You will never know Me completely because I am infinite and you are finite. But you can, and do, know the essence of who I am. You know because I have revealed to you and I continually demonstrate and show you that I am pure, unconditional love.
I have shown and demonstrated that to you over and over again and so now you are able to see that anything you see, read about, hear about or are told about Me that is not loving… is not Me!
Anything you see or hear attributed to Me that I show you is not loving, is not Me… it’s the figment of the evil one’s imagination. He is completely deceived himself and is in total darkness. He wants to seduce, control you and keep you in darkness with him.
Misery does love company. But you know Me… the Truth! You know that I am pure, unconditional love that always does what is best for the other. You know that I am not selfish and I am selfless!
You know that I only give good and perfect gifts and I only take away what is not good and not perfect. You know that I took away your sin… and all the sin of the world and gave you a new self… a new creation.
I did that… I made you and you are good! You are pure, perfect, innocent, right with Me and without fault with Me in My economy. Me and My economy are all that matters…all that counts.
When you encounter people who believe lies about Me and My love and goodness, do what I have done with you: love them unconditionally; give them grace; be patient, kind, good, gentle and generous with them; don’t blame them. Don’t put them down.
Pray for them. Thank Me in advance for revealing to them what I am revealing to you and will ultimately reveal to everyone. I am not willing that anyone perish and I do want all people to know Me and My love, grace and inclusion.
I am making that so! Believe Me, trust Me, be absolutely confident that I will ultimately restore all to Me. In eternity, I already have!
~Love, Papa