God’s Great Desire! May 12 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very special child, who is one of all my very special children,
I want you to know that you aren’t in this by yourself! All over the world— in every small village, hamlet, town and city, My children are hearing My voice… just as you are!
I am in and with everyone everywhere. All the people of the world are My created family. Some of you are learning to hear My voice clearly and as you do, you are encouraging others to know Me.
I am in everyone. I love and adore everyone. I have none that are any more special or more favored than others. I am especially fond of you all!
My great desire is that you would all know Me and all know how special each of you are to Me. As that happens, you will start to see each other through My eyes and hear each other through My ears.
You will no longer separate, exclude, categorize, label and think “us” and “them.” You will see that I am in you all, you all are in Me and we are all one in Christ Jesus!
Then… and only then… will there be peace and unity on earth. Then you will be able to celebrate each other’s differences and know and be known, love and be loved, celebrate and be celebrated, serve and be served.  Then you will no longer be selfish, self-centered and have only a self-serving mindset.
Then you will no longer live in darkness. You will live in the light of My life!  Then you will no longer ascribe motives, judge, discriminate, exclude and label. Then the lion will lay down with the lamb. Then My children with different skin colors, different lifestyles and different ways of doing things… will finally see that they are all My children, My family and that I love, adore and enjoy each and every one equally!
Then you will all see that My love has no conditions, no limits, no restraints, no barriers, and no exclusions. What a wonderful day that will be!
That day is now for Me because it’s true reality for Me. I love, adore and enjoy you all right now! I’m helping you all see and hear Me and progress ever so steadily towards total union and oneness.
I love you and I’m so for you!
~Love, Papa