God’s Gold Standard! April 15 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My very special and highly favored child, who is the blessed recipient of all My grace,
You are indeed highly favored, My child. I relate to you totally and completely- and only in and by My grace. My grace is the gold standard of relationships. I only relate to you in grace which means that I have already, by My finished work at the cross, made you 100% perfect and right with Me.
I already made you, and therefore you are, 100% pure, holy, innocent, right with Me, without fault and one with Me. That is My ultimate standard. My requirement for relationship with Me, Jesus and The Holy Spirit in Our eternal divine triune circle dance of love and everything that flows from Our love: joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faith, Holy Spirit power, mercy and grace… has been taken care of for you in advance!
You have it all… the fullness of Christ. You are complete in Christ. That is Our standard, our gold standard, which We gave you and which you are! Your behavior, your actions… have absolutely no effect ever on your perfect gold standard standing with Us!
We have no expectations of you. There’s nothing you can do to “get better” or to gain or maintain a right relationship with Us. You already have it because of what Jesus did… not because of anything you did or could do or not do!
Our perfect love has made you perfect in our image and likeness. Your “sin” absolutely has no effect on us…ever! We took care of that at the cross. Only the sin of unbelief can affect your perception of our relationship.
If you don’t believe in what Our finished work at the cross did for you and if you don’t believe what We know and say is true about you, of course you won’t enjoy and benefit from what you have and who you are.
We have no expectations of you. We do have aspirations for you. We aspire for you to know Us intimately. We aspire for you to know who you are in Christ. We aspire for you to know, experience and enjoy Our pure, unconditional love, Our total gold standard grace, Our complete acceptance, inclusion and reconciliation with you.
Because We know that when you do, as you do, then your joy becomes complete. That, of course, changes your desires and your behavior and in the process you and everyone you are with participate in our Divine Triune circle dance!
Changed behavior (behavior modification) is not Our goal. Any consciousness you have of sin keeps you from knowing the truth of your gold standard of grace identity in Christ.
Our aspiration for you is that you know Us… know Truth. And you will! We promise!
We love you and are so for you!
~Love, Papa