God’s Goal: That you KNOW! June 29 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My wonderful child. who is totally enveloped in My love,
I want you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt what is most important to Me and what My ultimate goal for you and Me is.
You changing your behavior is not My goal. You becoming a better person is not My goal. You obeying Me is not My goal. You serving the poor is not My goal. You having a lot of Bible knowledge is not My goal. You “getting saved” is not My goal. You confessing your sins is not My goal.
You going to church is not My goal. You being involved in social justice is not My goal. You supporting the “right” causes is not My goal. You preserving the earth is not My goal. You having good morals is not My goal. You being “holy” is not My goal. You not sinning is not My goal. You “living right” is not My goal.
I only have one goal… there is only one thing that is important to Me for you… so get this… know this: My goal (what is ALL important to Me) is that you know me intimately, that you know personally My unconditional love for you and everyone. That you know that you are in Our family forever. That’s all a package deal!
You know that when We brought you into Our family, into Our Divine Triune circle dance of love and everything that flows from our love (joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness under control of the Holy Spirit)… when We brought you in, We included you as a full family member with nothing ever for you to do to earn, prove, gain or maintain!
We made you a new creation family member who is pure, holy, right with Us forever, innocent, without fault and unconditionally loved forever.
We did that! It’s totally amazing, radical grace! You are totally included, totally loved and totally in Christ and one with Us! You are totally reconciled to Us!
Our only goal (what is all important to Us) is that you know beyond a shadow of doubt and experience and enjoy US and Our love.
~Love, Papa