God’s Big Picture! January 20 Notes From Papa!

To My most wonderful child who is a very special part of My big picture creation family,
Oh, My child, you are starting to realize that you are part of and you have already been included in the Big Picture… My creation family! You, everything and everyone have always been in Christ. In Him you live, move and have your being.
In Him you consist. He holds all things together! There is no other place that anyone or anything can be! Christ is in all, for all and through all.
Religion and the world have believed the deceiver’s lie that there are two places— two realities. One that is in Christ, included, in relationship with Me, and one that is somehow not in Christ, not included but excluded, that is somehow not in My family.
How utterly absurd! Whose family would they be in? The evil one wants you to believe that the vast majority of people are somehow in him, that he is their father and that he holds them together. You are seeing how absurd that is! He cannot create. He has no family. He has no ability or power to hold anything together. He only tries to steal, kill and destroy what is all Mine. I have fully and totally defeated him, disarmed him and made a public spectacle of him.
He has no power over you whatsoever. He has no power over anyone. Yes, he still tries, but all he can do is lie to people. He is like a condemned prisoner on death row who shouts lies to the guards and visitors. My children, everyone can choose to believe his lies and live like the devil, but that never means that they are no longer My children. That never means that I don’t love them.
My love never fails and it is unconditional. When people choose to “live like the devil,” that never means that I have separated Myself from them or abandoned them. Never! I will never leave or forsake anyone! I keep no list of anyone’s sins. I have taken away the sin of the world… all sin of everyone past, present and future. I’ve forgiven it, done away with it and don’t hold it against anyone. I choose not to even remember it! That is objectively true for everyone.
Now I am constantly working to reveal truth to everyone and I will never stop! I have no end date to My love, grace and inclusion. I have all eternity, which never ends, for someone to believe Me and accept what is already theirs. You need never think otherwise. I love you and I am so for you and everyone!
~Love, Papa