God never had to be convinced to love you! July 12 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray 

To My most wonderful child,
Some people mistakenly think that I only tolerate them because Jesus died for them so His blood now covers them and somehow I “see” them as tolerable even when they are not. My dear child, I don’t ever want you to believe that lie!
Jesus and I are One. He never had to do anything to convince Me to love you! He, the Holy Spirit and I have always loved you and we always will!
What Jesus and I, through the power of the Holy Spirit, did for you at the cross, was not to change My mind and convince Me to love you. Never!
What We did in Our finished work at the cross was to convince you that We have always loved you and always will love you, to show you that We will go to any length to demonstrate Our love to you!
You are worthy of Our love because We made you worthy! We love you because We are love and because of Our love, We made you to begin with!
A mother and father don’t love their child because the child has somehow become worthy… no! They love their child because it’s their child whom they made!
You need never worry that anything you have ever done or ever will do will ever cause Our love for you to change. We love you with Our everlasting love and We never change! Believe that Truth!
~Love, Papa