God Likes YOU!!! February 22 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

To My delightful child, whom I really like,
I want you to absolutely know today… and every day… that I like you! I like everything about you. I’m the only one who knows you— warts and all— and still likes everything about you! I delight in you! I rejoice over you! I sing and dance over you! I think more thoughts about you than there are stars in the sky and pebbles of sand on all the beaches. And all My thoughts are good!
I know that’s hard for you to believe because you’ve experienced the opposite with other relationships and because religion has lied to you about Me. That’s why I’m telling you the truth about how I feel about you… and I will continually remind you, over and over and over again! I never tire of expressing My love, delight and joy over you.
I love you because I am love and I can do nothing but love. I like you because you are made in My likeness and image, and you are in Christ and Christ is in you. I like you because you are My child and the apple of My eye! I have the supernatural ability to see who you really are: pure, holy, good, right with Me, innocent and perfect. There’s nothing for Me not to like about you!
Of course I hurt temporarily when you hurt or when you hurt others. But I can see the end result: who you really are and what it will be like when I finally restore everything and everyone to My original intent. It’s all good and you’re all good. Know that I like you… really!
~Love, Papa