God Left Nothing to Chance! March 4 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My highly cherished and much-loved child, whom I am for in all things,
Whenever someone who’s been very close to you is apparently at the end of their physical life on earth, of course you are sad that you won’t get to continue to be with them anymore. I understand. I remember when Our friend Lazarus died.
I am the total opposite of death. I am life. I give life, I sustain life, I maintain life.
I have overcome death. I have defeated death. Death no longer has any power over you, or anyone! Yes, you will die physically, the earth-suit (body) that you currently live in will cease to function.
If a person doesn’t know Me, the only True God, and My truth about life, they will naturally fear death… for themselves and for their loved ones.
However, I am love— perfect love… and in My perfect love, there is no fear. Fear has to do with punishment… fearing that one will be punished by “god” because they somehow offended “it.” Perfect love– Me– casts out all fear!
You can be absolutely, totally, 100% confident and assured that there is nothing to ever fear about dying… for you or anyone else.
I am not willing that anyone perish. Instead, I have already provided and given eternal life to everyone.
At the cross, Jesus defeated death, sin, and the evil one forever. It’s over! Finished! At that moment I created everyone anew– new creations in Christ… pure, holy, innocent, without fault, right with Me, one with Me, never to die spiritually, always to be with Me forever.
Most people don’t know that. Most people think that they have to do, say or ask Me to do that for them. They are mistaken. Jesus did all that for everyone in advance at the cross. It’s all Jesus. There’s nothing you or anyone can do to get right with Me. You would be God if you could.
I am the only True God and I left nothing to chance… I did it all for you… I call that grace and it’s amazing! Now, when you— or anyone— believes the truth, you start to experience Us— Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Me in our Divine Triune circle dance of love, joy, peace and everything good. We’re not offended if it takes you a while to believe Us… We’re not in a hurry… We have all eternity, which never ends! We are for you! Believe Us!
~Love, Papa