God is so FOR YOU!!! January 26 Notes From Papa

To My dearly loved child,
I want you to spend the rest of your life discovering how good I am to and for you! You may be surprised that you have yet to even scratch the surface of comprehending My total goodness, in part because you have embraced the enemy’s lie that bad things come from Me. They don’t. Period.
Every good and pleasant thing in your life comes from Me! Anything not good comes from evil… and that’s not Me. I am so totally involved in your life 24-7 that I actually provide and cause everything good there is specifically for you personally.
You know that I provide for you air, water, food, clothing, shelter, the right atmosphere, temperature and barometric pressure– all those things you tend to forget that I’m constantly keeping in place.
I want you to also know, see and enjoy life around you. When you see a rabbit in your yard, when you hear a songbird making a melody, when you see a child skipping down the sidewalk, when you see a frog hopping… those are all divinely choreographed by Me not just to sustain the environment, but also for you to see and enjoy and embrace! They all live because I have given them life! Take some time to marvel at their features, enjoy their colors and embrace their sounds. See My life in them!
When you lock eyes with a stranger while shopping or working, use that moment to see Me— Christ in them— wanting them to know Me! Smile at them, see My life in them as they respond!
Contemplate situations that unfold and rather than just thinking about yourself, let Me reveal to you what’s really going on, what I’m doing… and how you can partner with Me in bringing My love, light, joy and grace in to play.
Look for My goodness everywhere and marvel at what I reveal to you. You will see that I am way, way, way better than you ever thought or imagined. I am so for you!
~Love, Papa