God is Smiling at YOU! May 13 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special child, whom I’m always smiling at, I want you to know that I’m always smiling at you! I know that you question how that can be so when you dwell on the mistakes you’ve made, the people you’ve hurt, the times you’ve been insensitive or selfish or even mean to someone. You think that I’m upset with you, condemning, shaming, judging and displeased with you. You don’t think like I do! I don’t dwell on those things! I’m not oblivious or unaware… but Jesus, The Holy Spirit and I dealt with all of those type things at the cross. We forgave them all in advance. We took them away. We choose not to think about them or bring them up to you… ever! Instead, We think about and dwell on who We made you to be… who you really are… Our totally new creation who is perfect and forever right with Us, one with Us, pure, innocent, holy, without fault and blameless. That’s the you that We think about, focus on, delight in and smile over! We can see the finished product… that We made when Jesus said, “It is Finished!” Think about a band director having his first rehearsal with a group. There will be wrong notes, mistakes, sour things happen… but the director can see and hear the finished product in his mind, so he doesn’t dwell on the mistakes. Sure, he helps the musicians learn and grow, and good conductors always encourage, affirm, focus on the positives and point towards the end result… that obviously isn’t there yet. As the musicians trust the conductor, his judgment and assessment proves to be true. Similarly, I want you to trust My judgment and assessment of you. It’s perfect… just like I made you to be! I’m smiling…so you can too! ~Love, Papa