God INCLUDES… never EXCLUDES!!! May 9 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray 

To My very special child, who I love revealing Myself and My truth to,
You have heard people say that “all roads” lead to heaven. Of course they do not. There is only one way… Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. What I want you to see, know and share is that My plan, which We fully carried out and implemented at Jesus’ finished work at the cross, was to put you, and all mankind, in the right path… in Christ Jesus.
And We did! We put you all in Christ… the only Way! And We gave you all a free ride home! When you were still dead in your sins and trespasses, having died with Jesus on the cross, We buried you with Jesus. Then We gave you new life in Christ and raised you from the Dead with Jesus and seated you with Us in Christ in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. That’s where your “new self” (the real you… your spirit that is one with My spirit) is, right now! There is one way… Jesus.
We put you in the Way and gave you a free ride… by grace you have been saved through the faith of Christ… not by anything you did. It’s all by Him! You and everyone are in Christ right now! You can’t get any more “in” than you are!
So, any religious activity, ritual, tradition, sacrifice or striving to get closer to Me… to get “in” with Me… is all wasted effort! That is true of every religion… even the “Christian” religion.
I am not in to religion! I am not concerned with religion. If you want to worship Me, honor Me and praise Me by taking communion or being baptized or singing worship songs, etc.,… great! As long as it’s all about remembering Jesus, who He is and what He has done!
But… if you do any of these or other things in an attempt to please Me, get closer to Me, appease Me or to get “in,” then you are absolutely wasting your time… just like people in any other religion waste their time and with their rituals. I have already done it all… it’s all about Jesus and His finished work. One day everyone will see that and everything else will be gone! So never think that you are closer to Me because you do religious things.
Also, never ever judge or exclude others because they don’t do the things you do or because they do them differently! Don’t buy into the deceiver’s lies that you or anyone must do this or that or even believe this or that to be right with Me and be “in” with Me!
That’s all judging and exclusion. I have already judged everyone righteous because of Jesus taking all sin and giving all righteousness! I have already included all. I never exclude.
Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! And Jesus is all is all!
~Love, Papa