God doesn’t do separation or abandonment! April 23 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

God doesn’t do separation or abandonment! April 23 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~
To My very unique, one-of-a-kind special child,
I am here! I am always with you… always. I never leave you, never abandon you, never forsake you. You have experienced close human relationships where those whom you love have left you… turned on you… abandoned and forsaken you.
You know the awful, gut-wrenching pain of abandonment. You have also experienced the awful pain of those close to you giving you the silent treatment, withdrawing, being in the same room with you but withholding their presence and affection. You know there is absolutely nothing worse than having someone you love withdrawing and withholding relationship and affection. I know that better than anyone. You, and all mankind, whom I love, did that to Me. You rejected me, spurned Me, mocked Me, crucified Me and killed Me. I know what the worst is like. And I still love you and I will never leave you or abandon you.
The enemy whispers to you, “See, you blew it. God is not pleased with you. He’s not close to you. He has withdrawn.” Those are lies and he knows it. He knows that when you listen to Me, come to Me and let Me embrace you, comfort you, assure you, affirm you and enfold you, that you then don’t even think about him and he loses his influence on you.
I want you to absolutely know that I’m here. I’m with you and I’m for you. Your sin never affects Me. How can it? I defeated it, took it away, forgave it, choose not to hold it against you, choose not to remember it and don’t bring it up to you. It’s a lie from the deceiver-accuser that your sin separates you from Me. It’s a lie that I’m ever distant and not with you. It’s a lie that I’m moody, will withdraw and not be close to you and not speak to you. Those are all lies.
I want you to know, be totally confident and have absolute assurance that I am in you, you are in Me, we are one and the Holy Spirit has sealed you in Me.
I never want you to entertain even the slightest doubt that we are not one or that there is anything ever that can separate you from My love or that I am fickle and ever withdraw or withhold My love and affection. I never ever, ever do those things. I don’t do separation or abandonment.
My perfect love is perfect and I want you to know that. I want to cast all fear from you and I want you to trust Me, believe Me and enjoy Me. I love you completely, unconditionally and am always for you!
~Love, Papa