Go Down to Get Up! April 30 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My most wonderful child, to whom I love to reveal Myself,
My child, I love it when you start to grasp and understand a deeper truth that I have been in the process of revealing to you! You are starting to see that you must go down to rise up. You must fall and fail to ultimately succeed. You must die to really live!
Of course, Jesus gave the greatest example of that of all time at the cross. What appeared to be the greatest loss ever, was in fact, the greatest gain! Similarly with your own life as you come to realize the life that you thought was going to bring you ultimate happiness failed and died, only then can new life in Christ actually rise and soar from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven.
Thinking that by your own effort, work, achievements, accomplishments and relationship-forging that you can form a “self” into that which is ultimately satisfying and fulfilling will eventually take you to the pits of hell— a place that exists only in your darkened mind.
Every person eventually realizes that all their efforts, striving and hoping never brought the satisfaction and fulfillment they anticipated. Coming to that realization triggers the fear of death. But the death you fear is really an imaginary loss of an imaginary self, which must happen before you can embrace your true self… which has always been!
You, and all people, all My children, spend the first portion of your life believing that there is something possible for you to achieve or accomplish that will ultimately be “it”— that which satisfies and fulfills.
For some it’s a position or a title. For others it’s a career or profession accomplishment. For others it’s a perfect relationship with someone whom they love and idolize. For many it’s some combination of each of these.
I’m so pleased that you have fallen to the bottom of this imaginary quest for meaning, fulfillment and satisfaction because only from realizing and accepting that “it” will never satisfy and fulfill… only from there can you, or anyone, see that only I can truly satisfy and fulfill.
Only resting in My unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness, in accepting My grace as all-sufficient, in embracing My inclusion into Our Divine Triune dance of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faith, mercy Grace and Holy Spirit power… only in embracing your true self which is new life in Christ… only there are you deeply and fully satisfied, fulfilled and experiencing what you have been searching for and trying to grasp all your life.
You are learning that you must die to your old false self and embrace, live and soar to the heights of your new life in Christ. I am so enjoying this life with you!
~Love, Papa