Give Up Your “Right to be Right!” February 21 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special, delightful child,
You know that Jesus and I are one… and when He was on earth, He was the exact representation of Me. He was fully human and fully God. However, He emptied Himself of His divine supernatural abilities and lived fully human… just as you are! Of course, He was fully in tune with Me and only said and did what I asked Him to.
That means that most of the time, Jesus “gave up His right to be right.” Of course, He was right about everything! He, the Holy Spirit and I designed and created everything, and He sustains everything! He knew that everything lived, breathed and had their very life in Him! So can you imagine what it was like for Him to not correct everyone about most everything they said or thought?
Jesus knew that in relationships, there’s no need and it’s actually counter-productive to always be correcting others and proving that you’re right and they are wrong. No one wants to be around someone like that. Unless it’s a matter of safety or to keep someone from harm or harming someone else, there’s usually no need to “prove that you’re right about something.” Just let it go.
Then love unconditionally, give grace, forgive unconditionally and let Our Holy Spirit do the work of showing the other person (and you) when you’re wrong about something. That’s what We want and you’ll find that your relationships go much better when you take that approach!
~Love, Papa