Full Undivided Attention May 27 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My child, whom I love with My all-encompassing, unconditional love,
Sometimes you unknowingly slip from Our intimate, personal, back-and-forth communication of feelings, emotions, ideas and close relationship to a more detective role of trying to find out about Me from research and reading other people’s opinions about Me.
You get caught up in research and translations and you look for nuggets of information and insight from other people who are doing the same thing… and you miss Me!
I am not a puzzle to be solved. I am a mystery to be explored and enjoyed personally and intimately.
There’s nothing wrong with finding things I have revealed about Myself to My other children. There’s nothing wrong with studying the original languages of Scripture. But you only get to know Me by being with Me personally… listening to My voice… letting Me reveal to you directly who I am, what I feel about you, what I’m thinking about something.
Most times you will need to intentionally, specifically set aside some time for you and Me. It will work best for you when you have no other things competing for your mind or your attention. You hear My voice best when there are no other people or voices around.
I love you and I’m in love with you, and I want to reveal to you the depth of My love for you. Think now— if you were deeply and madly in love with someone and wanted to convey that to them, would you try to do it with other people around, with a TV show playing, during a vitriolic news broadcast? Of course not! You would want their full, undivided attention!
Some people are afraid to listen to Me because they think they will hear condemnation, chastisement, correction, admonition… a list of do’s and don’ts. But that’s not true!
I only want you to know My love, affection, admiration of and for you! Be still and know that I am God!
~Love, Papa