Forget About Religion! March 6 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most wonderful, most cherished child, whom I am most fond of,
I am love and My singular purpose is to reveal who I am to you and everyone. I am continually revealing to you that I am in you… and everyone, and that I live through you… and everyone.
I did not create you (mankind) to follow a perfect set of rules or to be “good moral people.” Jesus did not come to start a new religion… perish the thought! Jesus did not come to help you keep a set of rules or “be good Christians.” Jesus did not come to make the world a more moral place. Oh, how men and religious institutions have totally missed the point and perverted who We are and what We’re all about!
Jesus came to reveal Me and My love to everyone and for everyone… and He did! Now Our purpose is still the same and We are accomplishing it through you as We live in you, as you and through you!
Forget about rules! Forget about trying to be like Jesus. Forget about trying to “be a good Christian.” Let all that religion go! It’s not My way!
My way is love. My way is to live through your body and personality and partner with you to show My pure, unconditional love, My amazing radical grace and My total inclusion of everyone to everyone.
The world is never attracted to the real Me through rules and laws and do’s and don’ts… because that’s not who I am. The world (all people) desperately long for unconditional love, acceptance and pure grace. The world longs to know… craves… to be accepted and included— warts and all.
I wired you up like this on purpose!
Because I am unconditional love, I give pure grace and I have included you and everyone in My family, I created you to crave, to desire, to long for Me, My love, grace and acceptance/inclusion.
Your part as My partner, My Body of Christ on the earth, is simple: relax, rest in Me, cease your work and labor, give up trying. Listen to Me and let Me do in you, as you and through you, whatever I ask at any given moment. I will… and you will enjoy and experience the thrill of Christ in you, the Hope of Glory!
~Love, Papa