Feed the Spirit!!!

Feed the Spirit!!!

Paul interviews Dominick Domasky who is an inspirational author, YouTube host, sales expert, and the founder of the inspiration sharing and publishing platform Motivation Champs.

Dom is Vice President of Feed The Spirit, a non-profit in Pittsburgh, PA. that feeds thousands of people each month and provides help to the homeless and nearly homeless in a variety of ways.

He is also the author of the inspirational book My Name is Sharon which chronicles the pain a family feels when their mother’s advanced memory loss collides with a global pandemic. This timeless love story attempts to put a face on Alzheimer’s Disease and explain the grief and guilt felt by the families quietly mourning the loss of the living.

He is author of The Journey of a Grunt and Don’t Double Bread the Fish, and creator and co-author of the hit books The Unofficial Guide to Fatherhood and Go Ask Your Dad.  His hard-hitting eBook How to Write a Book immediately became a Bestseller on Amazon in 2020. Dominick’s greatest accomplishments are his two children, and he aspires to be the best husband and father he can be.

Dominick arrived at inspirational story writing and motivational speaking with a unique background. As a boy he learned the value of hard work pulling weeds and doing odd jobs in the fields of his father’s landscape company. He took those lessons of hard work and placed them into his passions, and carried it throughout every aspect of his life from basketball to business.