Exactly Who I Want You To Be! February 4 Notes From Papa~

To My most loved child,
I love you, My child. I want you to stop… quiet yourself… be still… stop all other thoughts… and listen to Me say I love you! You are the object of My love and affection! I made the universe, the earth, the environment, vegetation, atmosphere, everything… to support you so that I can express My love to you!
Without the earth, gravity, air, food and provision, you couldn’t live… so I made it all with you in mind… for you, to sustain you so that I can express My love to you!
I literally think about you every second. The world’s greatest computer could never compute My thoughts about you… and they are all good!
I have never ever had a bad thought about you… and I never will! I love you because I am love… that’s who I am, what I do and what I am all about. I express My love as grace.
My love is completely and totally unconditional! There is not, and never will be, a single condition to My love. You never have to do anything, believe anything, say anything, pray anything or give up anything to get Me to love you.
My love is a given. I have given you My love. I am loving you and I always will give you My love… with no conditions, no limits, no exceptions, no qualifications. I don’t expect or require anything in return. I love!
My love, expressed as pure radical grace, is built on the solid foundation of My taking care of the sin issue completely! Because of My great love for you, and so that you can experience and enjoy My love, I have taken away all your sin, forgiven it, choose not to remember it, count it against you or bring it up to you.
No sin ever can alter, affect or diminish My love for you. The sin issue is finished, accomplished… by My perfect love so that you can totally relate to Me without fear of punishment. You can only enjoy and experience My pure, perfect love if you are totally assured of no punishment from Me… ever. Be assured! My perfect love, expressed as My radical grace, has already made you exactly the way I want you to be. I am the Creator. At Jesus’s finished work at the cross, the old you died and I created a new you that never existed before. I created you pure, holy, innocent, without fault, right with Me and one with Me. I seated the new, real you… your spirit… with Me in heaven in Christ. I sealed the new you and hid you with Me in Christ.
My supernatural power, expressed as grace, has already made you exactly who I want you to be. Now, today and every day… I want you to know Me, know My love, Know My grace… which is My glory, and enjoy Me, Christ in you, the hope of Glory!
~Love, Papa