Every day is Valentine’s Day with you and Me! February 14 Notes From Papa~

To My most wonderful child, whose heart is pure and totally good,
Today I want you listen to Me very carefully— what you’re about to hear is of supreme importance to you! Your heart is pure and totally good! You must know that to ever experience and enjoy the wonderful, abundant zoe-life that I have given you.
Yes, there is a verse in the Hebrew Scripture that says the human heart is desperately wicked. You must know that what you call the Old Testament was only written to the Hebrew people… it was never written to anyone else.
Yes, you can learn some things from the Hebrew Scriptures… things like the futility and impossibility of humans keeping the Law and the consequences of people believing the lie that they are separated from Me. You can learn how My mercy and grace and love never end. You can learn about My desire and will for the ultimate restoration of all people and all things.
You can also learn about My promise to remove your old heart and give you a new heart that is pure, good and totally right with Me. I did that when I had the old you die with Jesus and raise from the dead with Jesus as a New Creation. I love you and your heart! You, and your heart, are all good. Believe Me!  Happy Valentine’s Day!
~Love, Papa

PS  Every day is Valentine’s Day with you and Me!