Enjoy and Celebrate! April 26 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My most wonderful child, who brings Me great joy every day,
Two lovers are most complete and experience the highest level of joy and delight when, in addition to being in love, they both love, take joy and delight in the same thing: their own unique child.
Similarly, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and I, who are love, are most complete when We, together, enjoy and take delight in you! You are Our own unique child! We conceived of you… specifically and individually… in Our mind before We ever created anything!
We decided your DNA, your coloring, your temperament, your talents, abilities, personality and gifts. That doesn’t mean you’re a robot… far from it! We gave you the ability to choose, decide, explore and to grow within the framework of your unique personhood.
We design some people to be musicians, some artists, some scientists, some athletes, some teachers, some to be a myriad of other wonderful things. And We design you all to connect with and be in relationship with Us!
We design you all to love, laugh, play, enjoy and delight in us and each other. Like Us, We design you to enjoy and celebrate each other’s uniqueness and differentness. Just as We do, We enable musicians to enjoy and appreciate art, athletes to appreciate and enjoy history, scientists to love and appreciate art… that way, like us, you can delight in, appreciate and enjoy all the various contributions to society that make up the wonderful life that you have.
We give you the choice to enjoy, celebrate and delight in that which is different than you. When you do, you live in the light as We are in the light. On the other hand, when you exclude those who are different than you, when you judge and compare and rate your interests, likes and abilities as superior… or inferior… to another, or when you assign degrees of value to different skills, temperaments and abilities, you live in the darkness of judgment, comparison, hierarchy… all of which We hate!
There is no joy in the darkness… only pride and condemnation. That’s never Our way. We want you to see others… each and every other person… as We do: One of Our unique, highly loved and totally valued children who We enjoy and delight in. That’s living in Our light and enjoying true fellowship with Us and each other!
~Love, Papa