“Embracing the Risk” April 21 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray~

To My most wonderful child, who is embracing the “risk” of believing Me,
Oh, My child… you are realizing the hard truth that when you really believe what I am personally telling you… when you trust Me and your personal experience with Me over what religious belief and belonging systems say is true… then you have no support, affirmation or encouragement from a religious belief and belonging system.
You truly are dependent on Me and Me alone… which, of course, is exactly where I want you to be!
You know that We are relational! There is nothing inherently wrong with starting your relationship with Us by learning from and experiencing traditions of a belief and belonging system… but always remember that is only a starting point. You may be able to stay involved in such a system, but not if you have to perpetuate stale, dead religion.
I always want you, and all My children, to come to know Me personally and to get your belief and faith directly from Me… not from the pages of any book or from any organization.
I always want you to be affirmed, encouraged, motivated and spurred to loving action by Me rather than by a system that tries to motivate and control you by fear and shame tactics.
You know Me. You hear My voice. You know when you are hearing from Me. You aren’t afraid when you hear Me telling you something that is different from the belief and belonging system that you have associated with.
You believe and obey Me even when you know it may “cost you” friendship and acceptance from people in your system. You have moved on from many such systems and people. They are not the enemy. They are good people and My children, and I love them just as much as I love you.
I want to love them through you and I don’t want you to judge or condemn or berate them. Remember, you were where they are and I loved you then… and now. You are to listen to Me, obey Me, live, model and teach My unconditional love, My unmerited grace and My unlimited acceptance, reconciliation and inclusion and let Me impact and change others.
I love you and I am for you. I have begun a good work in you and I am completing it!
~Love, Papa