Eager Anticipation! March 9 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

Eager Anticipation! March 9 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~
To My most special child, who I have great plans for,
You may think that you have missed opportunities or that it’s too late for you to do anything meaningful with your life… but that’s what the evil one wants you to think and those are lies from him, the deceiver.
My truth is that I have wonderful plans for you for today, tomorrow and every day after that!
I see the big picture. I know your future. I know the opportunities that I am bringing your way! I have good plans for you and I am always for you!
You don’t have the ability to discern what is good and what is not good in My economy. Only I, the Lord, know. What may seem like a setback or a defeat to you, may actually be the stepping stone for you!
One day I will show you how all the puzzle pieces fall together for My ultimate good.
So today, this day that I have made for you, I want you to relax and trust Me and at the same time eagerly anticipate what I am doing. I may take what seems to you to be an insignificant encounter or conversation, and turn it into the catalyst for great good for you and someone else. You may not see that result today, but one day you will… I promise!
I want for you to view every conversation, every greeting, every phone call, every text, every email, every smile, every wave, every acknowledgement, every encounter as ordained by Me… because it is!
Abide in Me… which means to live in seamless union with Me… always listening to me. Then, say and do what I prompt you to do and let Me live in, as, and through you.
In the process, you will experience My abundant life… life to the full… vibrant, pulsating, energized, fun, exhilarating, exciting life… life as I designed it to be with Me, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
You won’t regret it… ever!
~Love, Papa