Do More Less! March 2 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~

Do More Less! March 2 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray~
To My victorious child, who I always lead in Christ’s victory,
You, as most all of My children do, sometimes believe the lie that more is better. More is better regarding the fruit of My Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, gentleness, faith and Spirit control. The more you allow Christ in you to love, grace and bless others, the better that is for you and others.
However, that is not true in regard to what some call “spiritual disciplines.” While it is good, as I lead you, to pray, meditate, worship, serve, give and listen to Jesus— the Living Word of God, doing more of any of those to attempt to gain and maintain My approval is actually counter-productive!
In no way does it motivate Me to bless you. I bless you because I love you and I am Grace. So, what I want is for you to relax, rest, listen to Me. Do less… then, as you hear Me ask you to do what I want in any given situation and circumstance, and you actually let Christ in you do it… you will accomplish supernatural results. You’ll end up doing much more than you ever would by your own work. You’ll do more… less!
~Love, Papa