Divine Rejuvenation! March 26 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray!

To My dearly loved child, who can easily tire out and lose hope,
I know that at times you get really tired. Sometimes that’s from physical exhaustion… you simply work and work and work until you can’t go any more. Sometimes you wear out from the continual struggle with your enemy… the liar/deceiver/accuser.
Sometimes your strength is sapped by joy-suckers who drain the life from you by their complaints, negativity, lack of faith and lack of focus on Me.
Perhaps most draining of all are the times when you invest your time, energy, emotions and very life in ministering My unconditional love, all-encompassing grace, unlimited inclusion and acceptance to those whom you love… and they don’t believe. Then they criticize you and disparage you… and sometimes walk away.
I know how you feel, you are participating in My suffering. It’s not pleasant. It hurts. It sucks the life out of you.
I want to recharge your empty spiritual “batteries.” Come to Me when you are tired, worn out, burned out from religion’s rejection, weak and need energy. I will give you rest… I promise.
Once you stop your work and enter My rest, I will replenish you with My very own strength, power and energy. I will refresh you with My living water and My bread of life. I will rejuvenate your depleted energy. I will build up My faith in you.
You have My faith, the faith of Christ, in you. I gave it to you and I continually replenish and perfect My faith that I have given you.
In addition to your having the faith of Christ in you, I actually have faith in you! I believe the truth about who you really are. Like a beautiful sculpture inside of a huge granite rock, I see My finished work in you!
By My faith in you, I see you pure, holy, innocent, right with Me, without fault, blameless, righteous, gifted, full of grace, more than a conqueror, the child of the Most High King, a chip off the old block. I see Christ in you, the hope of Glory!
I see My love and grace pouring out of you like a never-ending waterfall. I see multitudes of My children hearing My truth communicated through you. I see them responding and accepting Me… their Accepter!
I see you basking in My glow and being even stronger and more energized by My mighty power that has given you everything for life. Be encouraged!
~Love, Papa