Divine Appointments! May 30 Notes From Papa via Paul Gray

To My very special child, whom I’m especially fond of,
I have given you a specific, divine, God-ordained mission for this very time of your life. I have gifted and empowered you to do everything necessary for our mission! Your part is to continually listen to Me as we go about each day, being sensitive to My leadings.
I have already ordained divine appointments which may look like chance encounters to the untrained eye. I already know who you will have the opportunity to encourage, comfort, cheer up, challenge and bring My joy and peace to this day. I have already orchestrated people to do the same to you!
You will know when I impress upon your spirit to call someone, send someone else a note or invite someone else to get together. You’ll sense My prompting to speak to a stranger. You’ll know it’s Me telling you what to say or ask! All of these seemingly little interactions are part of My giant tapestry of unconditional love, radical grace and total inclusion for everyone that I am weaving that includes your life and the lives of other of My children.
One day you will delight in the most awesome family pictures imaginable as we enjoy each other at the most wonderful eternal family reunion you can imagine! You will look in wonder at a picture of one of My divinely appointed meetings and exclaim, “Oh, Papa, You did that? Of course! I see now! Thank you!” And we’ll laugh, smile, hug and share family secrets that bring joy bubbling up and out of our hearts which are supernaturally knitted together as one!
So today, know that you are not responsible for results— I am and I never fail! Understand that, while you may not see any results that you want right away, I am in charge of time and I have all the time of eternity! I can see the finished result down the line.
Enjoy Me, our mission, My other children and the wonderful opportunities that I give you today. Each “little” moment is important, not wasted, and part of My ultimate family portrait tapestry that I am skillfully and masterfully weaving together for us.
~Love, Papa