Deconstructing! December 30 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

Deconstructing! December 30 Notes from Papa via Paul Gray

To My precious child, whom I’m madly in love with,

   Today We’re continuing to help you deconstruct the lies you have believed about Us and then reconstruct new beliefs… the truth about Us!

   Many of My children were taught the heinous lie that Jesus came to save you from Me… from My “wrath” that I “had to pour out on all mankind to justify My anger with you for breaking My rules.” That is a total lie. Don’t even entertain it! That lie describes a pagan concept of a god who is dark, mean, evil, unloving, punitive, narcissistic, schizophrenic and in no way “good.”

   I am love. I am all good. I never repay evil with evil. I don’t have to be appeased to love you and shower you with My goodness. I am love. I am good.

   Discard, dismiss, get rid of and never, ever again entertain any suggestion that I am anything but good. When you hear some well-meaning but deceived person say, “God is good, but He’s also (something that’s obviously not good).” Refuse to hear it, refuse to believe it, refuse to even entertain it.

   They will have Scripture verses and so-called “logic” that “seems to say” that I am and will do evil things if people don’t say, do and believe “right” according to them. You may not yet be able to show them why their beliefs are not true, but you can trust Me and simply say, “God has told and shown me that He’s not like that.” Then take sides with Me. Believe Me. Trust Me.

   The Greek word “metanoia” is what I used when I had My people write the New Covenant of Grace Scriptures. It means to “change your mind.” People who have believed lies about Me mistranslated it into the English word “repent” which means “penance is due (the church) because your sin has so offended Me that you have to pay.” “Re” was added to penance for extra emphasis so that the church could control and demand payment. That is a total aberration of My intent and original meaning.

   Deconstruct your belief of “repent” and reconstruct your understanding to mean “change your mind.” Then continue listening to Me, the Holy Spirit of Christ in you, who is your teacher. Believe Me when I tell you that I love you, I have forgiven you, I am for you, I have accepted and included you, My grace covers everything in Our relationship and you have nothing ever to worry about!

   Then continue to listen to Me every moment. I will continue to reveal My truth to you and as you know Me better and better, Jesus, who is truth, will set you free from the lies of believing that I am both good and evil.

~Love, Papa   

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