Day #8  “One Another” December 8, 2017

Wanna be Accepted?

 Psychiatrists and those who study people generally agree that every person is born with three major needs: to be loved unconditionally; to be accepted; and to be valued.  It seems that God has hard-wired us with those innate desires.

 These three are inter-connected. We all wanted to be accepted and loved unconditionally by people who value us…to whom we have value.

 Many people experience conditional acceptance, love and value. People love, accept and value us IF we do “x” and don’t do “x.”  When we don’t meet their conditions, the love, acceptance and value are pulled. Sometimes we don’t even get a second chance. Many times our past mistakes are periodically thrown in our face in order to control us.

 Then along comes Jesus…The Living Word of God, who says “Accept one another as Christ accepted you.” (Rom. 15: 7)

 It’s extremely important that we know just how Christ accepts us: Totally WITHOUT CONDITIONS!!! That’s right! In fact, Jesus, the Father and The Holy Spirit chose you, accepted you, included you, saved you, and gave you grace before creation – before the foundation of the world!

 The very definition of God’s love (the Greek word “agape”) means “Unconditional Love.” You were created in the image and likeness of God. At the cross you were supernaturally crucified with Jesus, You died, were buried and were raised to New Life In Christ! The real you – your New Spirit that lives forever with the Trinity, has already been seated in heaven with Christ. Your life is hidden with Christ in God!

 All of that was done before creation and manifested in time and space in Jesus’ Finished Work at the cross. You and I had nothing to do with it. That’s why it’s called Grace!

 Never believe the heinous lie that “Jesus loves you, but God (The Father) can’t stand you, keeps a continual record of your wrongs, and will fry you forever unless you accept his torture of Jesus to cover you enough that he can’t see the real you.” Those are all lies from the deceiver.

 Never believe the deceiver’s lies that “God loves you unconditionally…but…you have to do “x.” Isn’t it obvious that if you have to do anything, love is not unconditional?

 Jesus, The Father and The Holy Spirit are ONE! There’s no “good cop/bad cop” scenario and they have no conditions!!!

 First we let the Holy Spirit of Christ reveal the totality of God’s Unconditional Love, Acceptance and Value of us.  Then The Holy Spirit reveals that God loves, accepts and values EVERYONE the same way! That’s a game changer!!!

 Then we ask and let Christ in us accept others as He has accepted us! Don’t try to do it in your own power. The best we can do is accept people who are in our family, in our group, who are “like” us.  It takes supernatural power and ability to accept everyone. Jesus has that supernatural power and He wants to use it through and as you!  

 Check out my new novel, “Convertible Conversations,” where you’ll be inspired by the characters as they accept “hard-to-love” people, including those who commit murder and who were involved in the death of loved ones.  ~Paul Gray